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Rebecca Gilbert
26th May, 2015

Very handy

The in-laws live about 4 hours away, so when we go to visit we stay for about a week. In the past I had to take my laptop with my so I could charge my e-cig. With this plug I don't have to. I just pop the plug in my bag and off we go. No need to squeeze my laptop into the suitcase anymore!

My 11 month old son is a very curious sausage too and when he sees my e-cig charging on the laptop he goes for it. With this plug I can hide it in the plug socket behind a chest of drawers. It's so handy!

I definitely recommend this product!

Note - I was a little confused about the lights on the front. The eShisha Club products were finished charging (the light had gone off/changed colour/etc) but the red light on the plug itself stayed on and didn't go off or go to the green light.
This doesn't affect the charge though. It still gives off a great charge. It just caused a little confusion. So because it didn't affect the product from working, I still think it deserves 5 stars.

eShisha Club have said they are looking into this. Maybe it was just a tiny problem with mine and all the others are fine, I don't know, but either way, it is still a HUGE help and works perfectly if you ignore the lights and focus on the light on the eShisha Club charger or pen.

Yes, I recommend this product.


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