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27th July, 2014

A great vaping product

The Eshisha club rechargeable cigar is a fantastic piece of vaping kit. Being bigger than most other eshisha products, the cigar provides more vapour and boasts a longer battery life than I have ever seen in the Eshisha world. At around 15 there is no better rechargeable Eshisha in terms of taste and life span.

The first puff I ever took on the cigar completely blew me away, being both stronger and deeper tasting than I had expected, I loved it so much in fact that I sat there puffing on it for hours, far far more heavily than I ever do on other eshisha products. It was because of this that I expected the flavour cartridge to run out after another day of use, but that was were I was surprised once again. I continued to use the Cigar heavily in the evenings , intermittently for hours until it finally run out after 5 days, I was delighted to discover that at a more controlled rate of consumption, one refill cartridge would last as long as 2 or 3 disposable Eshisha pens.

The cigar is also nicely designed and has a good weight to it, although everyone may experience it differently, for me a full charge lasted about 800 puffs worth which was impressive. So to conclude, coming with 3 refill cartridges ( approx. 2700 puffs worth) and a long lasting battery , the rechargeable cigar is both very efficient/high performing and great value for money. I recommend apple flavour and strawberry flavour refills.

Yes, I recommend this product.


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