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Catherine York
29th July, 2014

I cannot rate this product highly enough, nor recommend it strongly enough!!

Whoever designed this product is a genius!! I would like to shake their hand - and give them a hug and a kiss, too!! No more guessing about how many batteries you will need for a night out (or a day out) and panic-charging them in advance!! When coupled with the vast array of beautiful-tasting cartidges, which don't fill your mouth with the taste of fags (and especially, I've found, with the 6mg nicotine options recently added to the range), the HyperNOVA is, I believe, THE most powerful and effective tool to enable someone to stop smoking - and to STAY stopped, which can be the most difficult part for many people (certainly for me!).

I play in a band, and, not only does one member smoke, but many people who come to see us do, too. Now...I've always found it difficult (if not impossible) to be be around people who are smoking, without asking them for a ciggie, and them ending up going and buying some, as I am straight "back in the zone"; BUT the HyperNOVA (along with 6mg nicotine cartidges in flavours like chocolate, and pina colada) has enabled me to resist that temptation - AT LAST!!

The unit itself, once fully-charged, seems to retain its ability to charge NOVA batteries for a very long time; I've had mine for about two-and-a-half weeks, and, during that time, I've only had it plugged into a socket a couple of times, and have been using it almost continually (I'm a five-to-ten-a-dayer, to put that into context). Another nice touch is the fact that the "box" has little wells for three cartridges, as well as the battery in the charging port AND a ready-to-use assembled unit; this effectively means that you can safely and conveniently carry four cartridges-worth of NOVA loveliness, without the worry of loss, or damage in your handbag or pocket.

So far, I have only talked about the practical side of the HyperNOVA, but I can't neglect to mention its looks: it is sleek, elegant, and sophisticated - and wouldn't look out of place in the hands of a bloke or of a lady. It also feels smooth and solid to hold - not the slightest bit flimsy.

Anyone who might be hesitant due to the initial outlay involved - don't be: it is well worth the money, both for what it is and for what it does.

To sum up: if in doubt - try it out :-)

Thank you, eShisha Club xxxx


Really, the perfect quit-smoking aid.

I've already reviewed this, so I'm going to be brief, but I want to reiterate that this product really is worth the investment. It fills the gap that the loss of cigarettes leave in your life. Can't recommend the HyperNova enough, really; it is superb

Yes, I recommend this product.


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