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20th June, 2014

Awesome step up from disposables

The Eshisha club Nova is a great piece of kit. It comes well packaged in a small and nicely designed 'cigarette packet' style with usb charger, free flavour cartridge and the actual stick. The Nova is easy to use , you simply screw the flavour cartridge into the end of the 'pen' part after removing the protective seal and assuming the battery is charged, you're away! For the most part the taste and amount of vapour is brilliant, the first puff you take on a new cartridge is heaven, although be aware that as the battery starts to reach low charge , the amount of vapour will start to decrease, however a 2 - 3 hour charge in pretty much any device with a usb port will rectify this problem.

My only other comment on the flavour is that it isnt so good as you get to the end of the cartridge but this is to be expected. The flavours are great (my personal favourite is watermelon) the flavour cartridges come in nicely packaged packs of 5 , how long they last depends on what kind of user you are but each cartridge lasts me a few days minimum of regular use. If I could improve one thing about the product it would probably be the battery life, but other than that its a great product with a low price, lots of flavours, quick charges and perfect for almost all occasions. I cant wait to try more from Eshisha club

Yes, I recommend this product.


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