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Catherine York
1st October, 2014


I have not actually tried this one neat, but am using it as a blackcurrant dash - really, not much more than a drop - in with the 12mg vanilla; and it is absolutely beautiful. I usually use the nicotine-free for the "habit-vape", but find the 6mg helpful for those moments when the desire for nicotine kicks in (when you're around other smokers, or when you get stressed or upset, for example); and when I thought of mixing certain flavours together (raspberry/vanilla; blackcurrant/vanilla; chocolate/coconut etc), I decided that, if one of the flavours in the combo was 0mg, I could mix it with a 12mg and end up (assuming half-and-half mix) with roughly equivalent to the 6mg...if you see what I mean :-)

Absolutely cannot recommend this product enough - especially when combined with the vanilla :-)

Yes, I recommend this product.


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