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So you're looking to buy e Shisha pens but you're confused who's the best? It's hard to tell when in a short space of time so many new 'brands' have popped up, claiming to be the best, offering the most flavours, the best flavours, the most puffs, but who's true to their word?

The main thing to know is that the technology used in an e cigarette pen is identical to an e Shisha pen, so the major components have been around for years and there are a lot of quality products out there, and then there are some with poor flavour that just look flashy.

Firstly we need to consider a battery is required to heat an e-liquid which the user then inhales as a vapour rather than smoking, making it different from smoking and technically 'Vaping'. The number of puffs is therefore calculated via the size of the battery, keep in mind that the harder you work the battery per puff will ultimately affect how many puffs you get in total, this is because the harder the battery works the less puffs you will get.

The e Liquid being heated within the e shisha pen determines the flavour of the device, many eShisha companies only stock a few flavours as they commit to large orders directly from the factory, meaning they offer a range of only 5 or 6 flavours at most. Here at the eShisha club we source our products often from the same factory and are able to stock over 20 flavours in many different styles that we're proud to put our stamp on.

When determining the best eshisha pen to buy from our site, we do not recommend any one range, as every range we source we ensure to be using the best quality eliquids which taste like the real thing.

The main difference in our eShisha pens is the look and the feel of the actual device:

Club T500

Club Cigarette

Club Cigar

Club Guest List

Club Cafe

Our Club T500 range is fun and full of flavour eShisha pen, great design and packaged individually in its own sealed tube.

Our Club Cigarette range is more serious for members who want a little help kicking the habit and come with retail packaging. This range comes in 4 different varieties, a 0% nicotine version which is the same as an eShisha pen much like the Club T500 range, and low, medium and high strength nicotine equating to 6mg, 12mg and 18mg respectively.

Our Club Cigar range is for the member who can't get enough flavour and wants to play the part, being the eShisha Club we are very proud of this range, offering a whopping 800 puffs, with genuine cigar design, style and flair the range comes in retail packaging and would look great in any business.

Our Club Guest List is our premier range, although it's not the 'best', they are designed specifically for clubbers and the youtube generation, aesthetically pleasing and filled with flavour we only stock the best styles in our Club guest list range to rival those other "brands". Our Club Guest List range comes with and without Nicotine options also. Our Club Cafe is for our more elegant members who care about style and flavour, with relevant cafe flavours and many more fun flavours, these lady like e Shisha pens come in retail packaging and packs of 3
15 flavours 16 flavours 27 flavours 24 flavours

Coming Soon

500 puffs 500 puffs 800 puffs 500 puffs Coming Soon


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