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Daniel O
16th August, 2014

Leisure at your pleasure like a BOSS!!!

Bought this eCigar simply for leisure purposes, tried the nova kit which I purchased for my girl and she enjoys that too. But being the man that I am like a Boss I wanted something that felt stronger and had a bit more grit to it. The flavours feel more intense and stronger with the eCigars; hence the prices for the cartridges being more costly than the normal nova cartridges, however the pleasure you get from these not to mention, the look, the feel definitely BOSS Status right here and worth the money. Comes with three different flavours to get you started can't argue with that. Plus the tip lights up red almost like a genuine cigar. Feels abit weighty which I like the feel of when holding casually.

This product was definitely made with care, the packaging and detail is of a high standard and beats all those quick fix vapor pens I see many false chinese brands distributing on ebay.

Yes, I recommend this product.


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