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Ashley Hunt
20th September, 2014

eShisha Club Wins Again

Just when you think eShisha Club couldn't better themselves any further with new e-devices, they blast through the market with this amazing USB rechargeable e-cigar. The build quality is heavy duty and excellent quality and the finishing touches are fantastic. No rough edges and it feels overall very high quality in the hand.

The clouds of smoke off this e-cigar are incredible and the best I have seen using any e-device, the vapour is thick and hangs in the air for quite a few minutes before slowly fading away, this gives even more realism as if you are smoking a real Cuban cigar but with none of the toxins.

The fruit flavours are super strong and super tasty and I could even taste it on my lips after putting down the e-cigar, not them like cheaper ones you find on other websites.

Overall my personal opinion of this e-cigar and eShisha Club in general is that it is superb. I love everything eShisha Club bring out and their customer service is second to none.

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