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Sally Dennis
26th August, 2015

Couldn't be happier!!

Thank you eshisha club!! I am so happy with my Core kit! I had a few teething problem with the clearomiser that came in the starter pack, it was leaking slightly, but with an email to the customer service team it was sorted extremely quickly, Alex was great, he explained it was more than likely because I am a "heavy" vapour (I was a 20-30 a day girl previously!) and that another clearomiser (I believe the v1 model) would be more suited, Alex arranged to have it sent out to me and I received the next day, Alex even made sure I received one in a pretty pink to match my core pen once I knew I was happy with this model! It has been fantastic since! I now haven't had a cigarette for almost 3 weeks and have started on a weaker nicotine strength! I am confident with the support of eshisha I will be on 0 nicotine very soon! The pen is stylish, easy to use, a nice inhale & exhale of vapour-it really satisfys any urge to smoke, the battery is fantastic and charges very quickly! I would recommend eshisha to anyone that is thinking of vaping, not only because of the quality products but also because the customer of service is second to none! Thank you eshisha, I really could not be happier! :)

Yes, I recommend this product.


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