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Rebecca Gilbert
26th May, 2015

Shocked this has no reviews yet!

This was my first eShisha Club product and I have to say, off to a great start!
It's so easy to use, great amount of vapour along with an amazing battery.
I have had this for, I think a month and a half? I've only done the initial charge. It's not been charged since. I have used it a lot though! I have been using other eShisha Club products as well but I'm shocked this one is still going very strong after so much time and so much use.

I am thrilled with this product. I love the colour, love the feel of it, the design, all of it.

eShisha Club has this way of making their products feel and look expensive so you can't go wrong if you go with these guys. I've used and seen other e cigs and they've just been plain and boring. eShisha Club seems to put so much love and attention to detail into their products. It makes a very nice change from others who just churn rubbish out and don't care anymore when they've received your money.

So, this product and company has thoroughly impressed me.

Yes, I recommend this product.


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