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Catherine York
9th September, 2014

Smashing Product.

This was only the second time I had tried one of these (the only other time, I had a go on someone else's - not an eShisha club one, though - and didn't like it much), having previously used disposables and then Nova. I wasn't sure if I'd like it, as I enjoy the feel of the Nova so much, both in my hand, and in my mouth.

However, it turns out that it's lovely, most enjoyable. I still prefer the Nova, but the Stellar is growing on me more and more.

The battery kept going for 48 hours, even just off the incomplete charge it arrived with! I have been using it for over a week now - mainly in the evenings, but a couple of days out and about, too - and have still only had to charge it once.

The unit is of high build-quality, and feels solid, but still light, in your hand. The vapour it delivers tastes wonderful, and once you get the hang of using it, does not catch your throat, so do not be put off if you find it does on your first few drags. Tip for new non-smokers: after you've inhaled, holding it in for a while before exhaling again maximises the effect of the nicotine content :-)

So far, I have used the vanilla flavour in 6mg nicotine, and the raspberry flavour in 0mg. These two make a heavenly combination, mixed together; I used a ration of approximately 3 parts vanilla to 1 part raspberry.

Filling the tank wasn't anything like as awkward or fiddly as I'd feared, either; in fact, it was very easy.

Thank you, eShisha club, for another lovely product; I look forward to trying other flavours soon :-)

Yes, I recommend this product.


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