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Catherine York
29th July, 2014

Wonderful piece of kit: an affordable way of trying a new experience - give it a go :-)

I was delighted to find this product, after using disposables. I'm a big fan of e-shisha as opposed to fag-flavoured e-cigarettes, as the fact that you're ridding your mouth of the taste of tobacco is an added nudge away from actually smoking. It did take me a bit of getting used to: the fact that there are two things that vary - the battery power and the cartridge freshness - was odd for me, after only using disposables previously. However, I did get used to it after a while! My advice is to buy two or more, so you can always have one ready charged; and also to invest in a few cartridges of the same flavour, so that if you think the one you're using is past its best, you can try a new one for a reliable comparison...if you see what I mean.

Also, do try several of the other flavours - until you find "The One(s)" for you :-) Although the strawberry is nice, I personally found that I enjoy some of the other flavours far more. (I especially like the pina colada, the chocolate, the grape, and the blueberry mint; but I also liked the mint more than I thought I would, and am especially looking forward to trying the peach, pear, banana, and coconut ones...and am hoping that a raspberry flavour might materialise at some stage lol...)

This product is even more versatile with the additional option of 6mg cartridges recently being added to the range.

A great product.

Yes, I recommend this product.


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